Experience Yôga this Summer


Mini-retreats in Saint Pabu


23,24,25 August and

30, 31 August and  1 September



Many years ago now, I taught Yôga as part of a voluntary association, this suited me well.  As I learned to master the dexterity of a new language, I was able to transmit the essence of Yôga for free.  Many people benefitted from these classes..  And now, one of these beautiful souls is blessing my path by allowing me to use the space he created for weddings and other celebrations, to hold these mini-retreats.

Les Terrasses de L’Aber


Saint Pabu

next to the camping

The idea behind these mini-retreats is to share the depth of my knowledge, because it is only in giving that we receive.  The classes are suitable for mature teenagers and above, you will need to bring your own Yôga mat and cover and any support you personally require for meditation.

If you decide to be present all day, during  the break between 12H and 14H we will have time to practice the breathing techniques required to master the awareness of our physical body and then transcend it.  Without these techniques it is a bit like trying to hoist the mast of a sail without ropes, or learning how to swim in a pool empty of water.

So plunge in and see what you might discover something that will light’n up your life and allow you to enjoy the love that the Universe gradually unfolding for us all.

f you wish to inscribe or ask further information please call… but please do not eat too much for breakfast.



9H –  Five Tibetans           

10.30H – Venus Kriya      

Lunch break – I advise that you bring a very light lunch.  Something vegetarian, fruits, nuts.  I will provide access to hot water and there is a space to keep food fresh.

14H – Bhuta Shuddhi      

The Dance 

16H – Yôganidra                 





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