How much will it cost?

How does one put a price, whether it be in pounds, dollars, euros or Yen on Freedom?
In antiquity and possibly only as far back as the beginning of our last century, before Yôgi’s and their Wisdom started the Journey Westward, money was not the principle means of exchange for Knowledge and Liberation..
However, as a Yogic Mum, I have a material world to navigate and monetary obligations to be met. So at this point in time and space, in tune with my personal and spiritual development, in keeping with my integrity and allowing for infinite abundance, I give you my open reasoning..

Most of my students I have known for extended periods of time; in France from when I started out teaching voluntarily for the Association Aloes and in the Uk, since before my children were even conceived.
So many of you already know that I greet you openly and whole heartedly as friends on the same spiritual journey, I offer the depth of my knowledge and experience and strive to aid you in re-remembering your ultimate truth…

If we bring forth what is within us
what is within us will save us
If we do not bring forth what is within us
what is within us will destroy us
St. Thomas

I will openly encourage you to become independent of my tuition and find the voice of your inner Guru that lies within your heart, to develop your own unique practise and strive for perfection.

I become what I see in myself.
All that thought suggests to me, I can do;
all that thought reveals in me, I can become.
This should be man’s unshakable faith in himself, because God dwells in him.
Sri Aurobindo – Thoughts and Glimpses

Hence what follows are guidelines; as “virtue is our only nobility” I work with transparency and ask you to do the same.. I am happy to adjust my prices in accordance to your true revenue and needs, but not an individuals whims and exigency.. I am in service of my heart and strive for the benefit of the collective..

No matter what you are doing or decision you are making,
Ask yourself: Is it just for me, or for others?
For the benefit of the few, or the many?
For now, or for the future?
HH The Dalai Lama

Cost of Instruction

Group classes in my studio
Both weekly and monthly are based at an hourly rate of approximately 10€.

Swásthya Yôga classes are…… 20€
Meditation …………………………….15€
Kriya ………………………………………25€
Mini Stage…………………………….. 40€
Please note that paying by the term or by the year reduces the average cost of a class.. If you miss a class this is your responsibility I can not promise a replacement class, though I will listen to your situation and appease any sensation of loss.

If you wish to try a class and have already practised Yôga or have been invited by a current student I ask for 20€ for a lesson..

Private lessons in my studio
Individual Yôga lessons are based on an approximate hourly fee of 40€.
The actual cost of your class will depend on the hour at which it is held, frequency of lessons and the number of lessons that you book in anyone decision.

For your integrity…I will ask you to consider the hourly rate at which you work.

Students new to Yôga will be asked to follow a couse of pre-Yôga private lessons until I can integrate them into a suitable group..
30€ for 45 minutes of individual instruction.

Private lessons via Skype
For students who live further afield I offer a Presence  for your personal practise..Weekly or monthly and gradually further apart. After a short discussion and evaluation of your current practise I will design a lesson. This information is then available to open via a pass word from my site.. As many of my students know I write the lessons on large sheets of paper, if you wish to keep the original I will put it in the post. This way of learning is more suitable to students who wish to continue working with me after a retreat, but are already maintaining a daily practise or who are striving to become teachers themselves. Please contact me for further information.. Each student will be charged according to their needs and means..
But as an indication 50€ for a session (time… is an illusion!!)


Thai Yôga massage……… 80€ (2hours)
Energy Line Activation…45€ (1hour)
Chakra Sounding………….40€ (45 minutes)

Each Retreat is a Unique experience in it’s own right.
The overal cost will depend upon the venue, location and number of participants..

With Integrity
and open heart
Om shanti