The Dance of the cosmos

 Nataraja is the king of dancers and one of the many forms of shiva in India Mythology.  Natarajasana is the name of the asana alluding to this aspect of shiva.  Shiva is often portrayed as the destroyer, how his loving guidance helps to break down the old to make way for the new.  It is this aspect of perpetual movement, constant change, and the gradual unfolding into truth  which will be used when practicing the first stages of Bhuta Shuddhi.

In short it is a very slow dance, with the eyes closed.  Within the time frame given we will warm up with a few happy and rather dynamic tunes, so that you can identify each appendage of your body, feel your axis and begin to relax into the idea of closing your eyes…

The eventual closing of the eyes and keeping them shut is an extremely important part of the practice… So if you think you will be tempted to peak bring a blind fold!

Still with the eyes open you will be taught the movements, rather like a marionette and then, when we close the eyes we will dance for a good half of an hour.  The movements are slow, occasionally I will ask you to stop and slow down further and further… it is a wonderful experience and delightfully liberating.

Basically we are increasing our sensitivity to our place in the cosmic dance.  Initially it is your personal perception that will change, as the weight of  « holding patterns » is released from your muscles, just like in Yôganidra you will go through many deep sensations, but gradually as your spacial awareness develops behind closed eyes, you will find many hidden talents that were simply waiting to be released.




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