Bhuta Shuddhi


Purification of the elements

The Dance

Within the science of Yoga there is a whole system called Bhuta Shuddhi.  Bhuta shuddhi is a yogic spiritual practice, or sadhana, which purifies.  In Sanskrit, Bhuta, would mean “element” or a protective spirit, and shuddhi, means “purification.”
In Yogic thought (science) it is stated that the basis for all creation, which would include our physical body, is materialised through a group of  five elements:





Etheric space 

After strength and flexibility have been established within the human body; when there is certain degree of concentration, and breath control; when the basic kriyas have been mastered.  The practise of Bhuta Shuddhi can be initiated.

The student understands and perceives how the wellbeing of the body and its sheaths of consciousness can be established by purifying the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and space, thus creating harmony and balance.  The capabilities of the physical body are further enhanced, the emotions are stabilised and the whole energy system is strengthened. Thus preparing the physical system to handle powerful states of energy, such as the raising of the Kundalini force.  Bhuta shuddhi creates the basis to gain complete mastery over the human system.

The five elements are known as the Pancha Bhutas or Maha Tatwas. Everything from the body, the Earth, the Universe to the Cosmos constitutes these five elements.  The quality and hence behaviour of these elements determines just about everything.

The practise of Bhuta Shuddhi cleanses these elements. It’s various practises mean the Sadhaka  becomes free from the physical nature of existence.  Most human beings are so attached to material existence that they are completely in the grip of their physiological and psychological processes. Our physiology is something that we have accumulated. Likewise, the whole content of our psychological process has been accumulated in the form of impressions.

Between these two processes, who we are existentially, the nature of our being, is completely missed.  If we want to access dimensions that are not yet in our experience, dimensions that are considered « mystical », the first thing that needs to be done is to start cleansing the five elements.  When the elements are pure, we distinctly know the difference between what is physical, what is psychological, and what is existential.

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