Sky gazing

We watch the stars and Moon
But do you feel them too?
Their radiance echoes our great architects words
soft vibrations that fill the sky
with hope and dreams to be revealed
wisps of the breath of love
that will shine glorious in our heavens this Christmas night

By Gail Cooney  Christmas 2010

My personal interest in the Planets and Stars has been with me for as long as I can remember.  Although the London lights may have masked the true beauty of the heavens of my childhood, we were blessed with family holidays in Nomansland, Devon.  There the magnetic wisdom of the constellations called to my innerself; « Go explore », « Find your way », « Question what you are taught » and above all « Find your Freedom ».  Explore I did, often causing my parents « mild » anguish, to say the least (Tales of a Yogique Mum).  But, I always got back Home; certainly a bit tired, often a little battered and bruised, shaken or shocked by my adventures, but always wiser and greater in Spirit and always Happy to see the ones I love.   My new found Wisdom calling me forth for another adventure.

Newly pregnant with three beautiful souls nestled in my womb (more Tales of a Yogique Mum) I left the London skyline to start a new phase of life in Brittany.  Here, the night sky is more or less pollution free and often clear for star gazing.  Hence, over the past fourteen years, not only has my knowledge of the constellations and Planets deepened, but my appreciation of its beauty has opened my mind to it’s subtle wisdom.

Become part of the Universe so that the Universe becomes part of you”

Yogi Bhajan

Saints and Yogi’s have understood that they are already home and everywhere at the same time, that nothing infact is actually outside of us and everything of true value is within.

A light not born of sun or moon or fire

A light that dwelt within and saw within

Shedding an Intimate visibility

Sri Aurobindo – Savitri, 29:525

Although Yôga can be said to be beyond Astrology, as its beyond duality, until we all reach this understanding on this Earth time still exists and the reality that most of us still experience is dual.  We all accept that the Moon influences the tides and women in tune with their bodies will menstruate as it ebbs and flows.
So it only goes to say that all the heavenly bodies will also influence out state of mind, our emotions and our physical bodies.

If you wish to understand the Universe, think of Energy, Frequency and Vibration

Nikola Tesla

Moon bathing (opposed to Sun bathing) is a Mind, Skin and Soul soothing experience.. And one of my favourite past times.  In contrast to the direct fiery rays of the sun, their gentle reflection brings into play the Feminine aspect and the qualities of intuition our ancestry and the ability to ‘hold’ space.

Life can be seen as a Journey, an adventure, a dance or a Play of consciousness, that we all walk together.  So, it helps to know which road to choose.  The study of the Heavens is like a studying a map, gradually guiding us all through the trials and tribulations of life; helping us all to fulfil our unique part of the plan and finally to the understanding that there its actually nowhere to go, we are  NOW HERE.

Twice a month, in tune with the Full and the New moon, I offer you Observations and Insights from the Heavens.  Its part of my message, that we are indeed made of light and that as we shine together we can bring another way of being HERE NOW.

The human soul has an innate disposition to divest itself of its human nature in order to clothe itself in the nature of the angels and to become an angel in reality for a single instant of time – a moment which comes and goes as swiftly as a flicker of an eyelid.  There-upon the soul resumes its human nature, after having received, in the world of angels a message which it has to carry to its own human kind.

Ibn Khaldūn, famous 14th century Arabic historian