The sleep of the Yôgi

Conscious relaxation

To master Yôganidra we simply lie down flat on our backs and learn to….

To begin with it is best to lie on something comfortable, with a small cushion under the head, eventually these will not be necessary and any floor surface, even a bed of nails becomes comfortable….

… relax deeply and surrender completely, with our body still, our eyes closed and our minds at ease, letting our thoughts pass by like watching water in a stream.

One we have place ourselves in the most comfortable position we can find. From now on,  we do not move.  We stay clear and awake, listening to everything that is said and in order to filter and assimilate the depth of this experience.

.We start by relaxing our whole body at once, learning to feel the  pull of the Earth, as if you were melting into the ground.

We learn to let go of our muscles, nerves and internal organs.  Simply Relax, let go and rest.

I have had the pleasure of working with many inspiring musicians and the relaxation will be accompanied by this music…

Next we learn how to relax the centre of our bodies, making our breathing more sauve, radiating relaxation down our spines and from there to the rest of our bodies.  Learning to feel comfortable and happy. Taking deep breaths in and relaxing on the exhalation.

You will now be asked to visualise a white mist penetrating through the soles of your feet, relaxing and releasing completely the skin, the superficial muscles and nerves, the deep muscles and nerves, the tendons and bones up to the spinal cord. Relaxing, letting go, resting the feet, ankles, legs, knees, thighs and hips also the organs of the pelvis, the organs of the abdomen, the organs of the thorax, quieting the heart and vitalizing the lungs, relaxing the back, the shoulders, the arms, the forearms, the hands and the fingers.

Then concentrating on the neck, relaxing the carotid and jugular veins, the larynx and pharynx, and the head; loosening and relaxing the jaws, cheeks, lips, tongue, nostrils, eyeballs and muscles, eyelids, eyebrows, wrinkle-free forehead, scalp and ears.

I will teach you to do this  so you can Learn to do it yourself whenever you want

At the end of the seance you will  feel light, as if you were floating in the air. It will all seem  very normal if, at this stage, the relaxation is so deep that you do not feel your body anymore.  We just Let Go of our whole body  and relax, unwind, surrender and rest.

With practice our consciousness becomes completely still and our emotions find absolute peace.

OM Shanti


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