Full Moon – August 2022


Full Moon in Capricorn

Sun in Leo

As the Sun sets on the western horizon in the constellation of Leo, the Moon rises in the East in the constellation of Capricorn, bringing the elements of Fire and Earth into opposition. This super Full Moon shines light on how we can express the highest version of ourselves in the most beautiful and joyful ways, for the greatest amount of time possible, leaving our legacy of light. 

With Jupiter  retrograde, the next few months will offer us the opportunity to revisit our lives in detail.  At this is a half way point of the Lunar month,  the time  has come to immerse ourselves more deeply than ever in our inner world.  WE are invited to meditate on the person we are today and the person we will become if we take the time to learn, understand, accept, and transform old patterns.

We NEED this time to meditate, contemplate and determine the beliefs that we need to let go of to be free.  The more we resist, the more difficult the process will be.  When we accept life as it is and aspire to honesty, quite naturally will bring forth a certain determination that allows access to the doors of higher truths and abilities that we never knew existed are acquired.

Constantly emitting our outer awareness creatively, lovingly and in service to build a legacy of light requires discipline, patience and perseverance.  Although Capricorn is about legacy and the future we must remember that It is not important whether we succeed outwardly or whether others accept us: This Moon CALLS for us  to develop an inner practice of self-acceptance and an understanding of our individual life plan.

With Saturn and Mars creating squares we are being asked to take responsibility and take action…However its wise to remember .

Movement does not imply action

The new higher wisdom we are ready to embrace will help us in the face of material challenges, so it is important that you take the time to focus on your spirit rather than on material success.

Collectively, with Uranus retrograde, we are entering a period of  profound inner transformation.  We are being invited to choose a new path that will take into account what our soul is longing for.  So we need not be surprised if many of the old conceptions of ourselves – that we have perceived – dissipate.  

Focus on higher truths, and attempt to distinguish the temporary from the eternal.  As our awareness of truth is constantly evolving and as we integrate ૐ new knowledge, it is important that we develop a desire to learn and devote time to the search for a Higher Truth behind everything.. Thus strengthening our souls and purifying our minds In order to have the door to the Higher Truths  opened.

Let’s ask ourselves sincerely…..

What do I need to work on in this life that will create eternal strength and what elements are temporary and will disappear?


Gradually this way of questioning will free you from anxiety and open you to true introspection.
This Moon encourages contemplation, write down what is on your mind in this life. Know that these matters are ephemeral. Then write down what you consider to be eternal such as :
your relationships with your loved ones/ your mind, LOVE of ALL…

Any work done on our inner transformation and the shaking of our habits will serve us well….

This is an auspicious moment int time

Embrace the change

Be the Love

ÔM Shanti



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