New Moon – July 2022


New Moon in Cancer

Thursday 28 July 2022 6.54 Pm


As the Universe revolves, we consciously or not, evolve and the mystery of life continues to simply unfold.  So, though indeed we need do nothing , the energetic gift before a New Moon is best received if we take time for a retreat; let the activities of the previous month go and meditate on the planetary aspects of this snapshot of the celestial dance.  

Those of you that are sensitive will have already felt the influence Uranus, and its CALL for a liberation from stasis.  There is a sensation of space  and sudden inspiration and a certain anticipation of change..  When this great outer interpersonnel planet goes ‘station’ direct ‘, it pauses in the sky at its closest point in its orbit to Earth and communes.  This communion takes place once every 16 years so It might be interesting to evaluate on your personal life 16 years ago; 

16 years ago We, as a family moved into this house.  However it is my 16 year old daughter who is leaving to study in England.  

But the change might not be so obvious and for those of us on the path long enough, the changes are made internally  with very little physical manifestation of this change, it is simply not required.

Conjunct to the North node and square to Saturn and Mercury, we are encouraged to take responsibility  for this change and for our communication and expression of our highest self and to ultimately accept the revelation  that….


Holiness created me Holy

Kindness created me Kind

Helpfulness created me helpful

Perfection created me perfect

And that


 God is but love and our ultimate source of inspiration

there is nothing that our Holiness can not do….

A Course in Miracles; lesson 67

As we do our best to integrate  this consciousness we are greatly helped with the moons trine to Jupiter, also station direct. So whilst Uranus CALLS for change, Saturn ASKS for responsibility and Mercury REMINDS us of interactivity, Jupiter SPEAKS clearly and concisely to us of possibilities, opportunity and adventure. Hence the Moon’s whispers of encouragement, to embrace our feelings and sentiments are heard and expressed through nurturing what is dear to us.  

The Moons opposition to Pluto will expose many of our limiting beliefs (once again these can be physical revelations but also internal, they are both equally valid). However, as the illusion of our fear is brought to light and the effects of Uranus accumulate in intensity we will find ourselves embracing change with enthusiasm and are likely to feel more alive than ever!

As the month progresses this watery dreamy Cancer energy transforms into a creative, warm fire of action.  Leo is about expressing ourselves through playfulness and sharing the essence of ourselves with others.  Remembering the power of the word may help us to express ourselves gently but effectively if we are to retain the freedom required to manifest our inspirations.

As Jupiter goes retrograde for the next four months, this Caring New Moon is a time to be asking ourselves questions and to reevaluate our options;

what is it that we really SEE as possible


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