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The limitations that much of humanity places on the LOVE they feel;  that they will love their family, their country, their religion or their community more than those who are not part of it – do not apply to all  hearts. Some of us are able to love humanity; to love all creatures on Earth as an extended spiritual family.  Loving them all, as we were made to be part of a larger family of light.  If some souls have incarnated to learn about « us and them », others have a mission to teach unconditional love for everyone and everything. If you are reading this you are probably one of those.

You have taken life to love the many, not just the few.

In order for this life mission to be consolidated, problems in your biological family may prevent you from forming classic ties with them. Perhaps you were the ugly duckling in your family, the one no one really understood. Perhaps you felt loved but were unable to live in the way that seemed to suit the rest of the family. Perhaps you lost family members through divorce, illness, depression, death – or because of an addiction or emotional immaturity that disconnected you from disaffected family members.

If there was no father in the home you need to do the emotional healing work to overcome this suffering, but at the same time understand the why of this absence: so that your own spiritual connection remains intact, pure and powerful.

If there was no mother in the home, you are advised to do the emotional healing work to overcome this suffering, but at the same time understand the why of this absence: so that you look beyond your immediate family to find your « place » and discover that you belong to all of humanity.

This pain could explain why some of us have remained untouched by traditional family ties. While these bonds are necessary for many friends to live out their life lessons, the difficulties  encountered in this area helps us to become a love child. Then we actively « look » for a family in a broad way, remaining open in our search for love, rather than being satisfied with our immediate tribe.
From this experience, one can emerge not as a victim of circumstance, but as a soul who has taken charge. Assimilate this, heal, forgive, and embrace the blessings of the spiritual world that have been attained through an atypical relationship with our biological family. When we accept that we are not meant to belong in a traditional way to our family of origin, we will begin to get the love we need. We are here to help create a human family that is united by more than just blood ties or legal union.

It will not only be you who love the world, but the world that loves you.

The power to give and receive love from the heart will not be wasted. That is why it is time to  remove the limitations of our love, to begin to gently detach from attempts to find a place in simply our biological family….

Instead, trust that we are exactly as we were meant to be. In doing so, magnetism will attract the love and friendship of those who vibrate at a similar level of consciousness to us. Leave the pain of the past and the rejections behind. They are no longer needed to grow.
Be courageous. Pray to connect with your family of light, not only in spirit but also here on earth. Let them in. Know that your place is here, in your mind and body, to be loved, held, touched, listened to and accepted, exactly as you are.


Protector of the family of light.

Our benevolent spiritual protectors help  connect us with the souls of our « tribe » in this physical world. When  a sorting out of our relationships is taking place, willingly or not, do not be afraid.  The space that such courageous action frees up is sometimes necessary to make room for the new things that wish to enter our field of consciousness. It may also be that a relationship that was previously prevented is now possible.  Our soul is inviting us to have more intimate love connections. This is by the endorsement of the Divine, it is a karmic destiny to fulfil.  We are destined to experience great loving relationships with special souls.

 If you are struggling to feel the divine purpose of your current relationships, take heart, for you are being helped by celestial guardians who understand the sacred purpose of your relationships and  support us.  Be open to healing your current relationships (whether this manifests as better communication, richer experiences, or the realisation that you have travelled as far as you can together) and know that your new relationships will play an important part in fulfilling your spiritual destiny. Trust the divine wisdom governing your life and have your heart set on the protectors who help you love yourself unconditionally.

As our relationships are being healed, our current relationships evolve,  attracting the right relationships for future growth. Let go of past relationships that are no longer needed with a forgiving heart.  Be gentle with your own shell and all will be well.

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