I need Do Nothing


Beyond the body

When the world outside has been showing pictures of death, disease and misery..the awareness of  Health, Happiness and Holiness become our only true objectives in life.  Using this blog to share openly the riches of the Yôga, has enabled many of us to feel good and at peace.  It brought great joy exploring the aspects of the astrological charts and linking them to the commencement of a forty day Kriya.  Our last Kriya  however, took me to a place of deep inner awareness and the simple comforting voice of…

I need do nothing

With all my intensions to share , all be it inadvertently, I too was risking enhancing faith in the body as a source of strength, rather than mind.  Let’s think about it, what plans do we make that DO NOT involve the body; for its comfort or protection or enjoyment in some way?  This makes the body an end and not a means and in our current situation,  this always means that the idea of guilt is still attractive.  Leading to thoughts such as….

  • I forgot to practise
  • I ought to practice
  • if I hold this position for three minutes something will miraculously happen!
  • how can doing this kriya change the world?

But no one can accept samadhi, Atonement, Christ consciousness for themselves, who still accepts guilt as their goal.

The one thing that all the Kriya I have shared and the classes that I hold aim to teach, is the awareness of the one thing that you have probably never done; to totally and utterly forget the body.  It has perhaps faded at times from your sight, but it has probably not yet completely disappeared.

When we can let this happen, even for just an instant, it is in this instant that the miracle of atonement happens and after the body is seen again, but never quite the same.  And every instant that we can spend without awareness of our body gives a different view of it when we return.

As in truth, at no single instant does the body really exist at all.. It is always remembered or anticipated but never experienced just now.  Only in its past and future does the body seem real. Time controls it entirely, for guilt can never be in the present…

The Ultimate goal of Yôga, Samadhi or the holy instant, will continue to elude us, unless, without reservation, just for an instant we are willing to see no past or future.  Any preparation thus places our spiritual union in the future and the kriya becomes a symbol of our belief in a lack of purity, that we need to Do something to be saved, where as in…

I need do nothing…

…we begin to realise that we are already « saved » and release from the body is actually given the instant we desire it and accept the conditions of peace.

It is extremely difficult to reach any higher states of consciousness  by fighting against Sin.  Enormous effort is expended in the attempt to make holy what is hated and despised, but it is not the body that needs to be prepared. Even though a life time of contemplation and long periods of meditation aimed at detachment from the body will ultimately succeed, because of their purpose.  The means are tedious and very time consuming, for all of them look to the future for release from a present state of unworthiness and inadequacy. In remembering …

I need do nothing…

We remember what we truly are

Love and Light

Om shanti


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