Coming home to ourselves


And while all other creatures from their birth with downcast eyes on their kindred earth;

He bids man walk erect, and scan the heaven

From whence his soul has sprung

To which his hopes are given –


We can play the game of illusion that we are an accidental creation, but sooner or later we tap ourselves on the shoulder and the game is up!  In stilling ourselves and listening closely, we can hear and feel the undercurrents of this transformation, where  existence and change are the only constants.   All consciousness and energy was once fused into an integrated whole. This Whole was aware of aspects of itself, but in a different way from individualised consciousness.  In Earth’s present development the self is recognised first, then society and then the Whole, All that is, or God, « Source ».  Separation from source is an illusion, this illusion is a tool that provides the Whole with the necessary lessons and challenges it needs to experience in order to reintegrate back into Source.

Integration means the allowance of all levels of our being as valid portions of the whole.  It means letting go of the denial of that which we truly are,  it means embracing ourselves as well as each other.  Integration implies taking responsibility.  Just as our unified consciousness created this realm of polarity, we can transform it.  When integration finally occurs, this Earth and its realms will become defined by very different parameters.  We will shift our perspective and become conscious of ourselves as the Creator.  It does not necessarily mean that our individual identities will be absorbed.  It could mean that we will waken to the point where we will consciously choose our destinies.  Perhaps we may choose to enter other realms and be the unseen friends for planetary societies still playing the game of separation. 

« We may even be another planet’s extraterrestrials – pondering the same decisions regarding interference that our forefathers faced. »

Lyssa Royal

The conscious action that will accelerate our integration process is very simple – allowance.  If we allow on all levels in which the integration takes place, we will see our paths unfold before us joyously.  Integration takes place on four main levels: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.


At a time when  formulas and calculations determine the reality of twentieth century Earth, to integrate our mentality we need to allow our-selves to combine not only our cerebral processes, but our intuitive and emotional ones as well.  If we can allow ourselves to understand that the intuitive and emotional processes are just as valid and can be used in combination with the mental,  we allow our thought process to be heart centred and everyone gains. 


Integrating emotionally means learning how to embrace our shadow self.  If We can start opening inner closets and digging deeper into the subconscious for beliefs which hold us back,  We can redefine ourselves.   More often than not, these neglected parts of ourselves only want attention.  As denial only prolongs the pain of existence, let us learn not to repeat the same lessons over and over.   EFT, Venus Kriya, White Tantra or the Course in Miracles are all great tools.  


To integrate spiritually is perhaps the easiest of all.  Each person possesses an inner spirituality that is not connected to any doctrine.  If  we can release the doctrine and touch the innate spirituality, we begin the integration process.  It extends outward onto the planet by the honouring of every person’s truth as a manifestation of the one truth.  This allows each of us to coexist with our philosophies without needing to change each other’s beliefs.  The fact that God/All That is / Source exists is not changed by our argument over which robe “He/She wears. 

Truth is true..

We are so afraid of being alone and separate that we create even more separation through our desire to have a unified doctrine.  If we have the courage to begin touching this inner spirituality, we will see our transformation blossom.


Integration physically is slightly different.  It involves an acknowledgement of our past and our history as being part of a grander scenario on a cosmic scale.  From the Source and Founders we fragmented.  We have stretched our individualisation to its outer limits.  Coming together will require us to once again acknowledge and accept ourselves as part of our Galactic family.  As we move through our racial fears and stop allowing skin colour and cultural differences to be barriers between us we become more open to communion.  Karma in its positive and negative sense plays out here. 

Every moment is an opportunity for love and transformation.

Not one of us is from another place.  We are “from” the source, and the Source is vast.  To say we are from the Pleiades is a denial of all the other ideas that we are.  Our terrestrial selves become confused if we continually deny that our existence is part of the planet’s body. 

We are of All That is!

We are divine and terrestrial; of Gods and Men. We are proof that human life can adapt to seemingly insurmountable circumstances.  Let us celebrate humanity.

We are the civilisation that refused to die, though we are still playing the game of unawareness somewhat.  Our resilience and faith in our abilities has continually proven our worth.  Various “plagues” by the « gods » have not succeeded in wiping us out.  Thanks to Noah we have a flourishing civilisation today!

It may be painful, but in our mass conscious belief, pain can produce miraculous results.  

Earth of the present and Earth of the future is indeed that miracle. Let us celebrate that miracle by integrating ourselves and taking responsibility for our planetary reality.  We are part of an Association of worlds and our membership is up for renewal.  This time, membership requires our awakening to the cosmic drama of which we’ve agreed to be a part.  Our awakening will lead us home….. to ourselves.

In Earth’s reality we have created the Arcturans, Sirians, Lyrans, Orions, Reticuli, Pleiadians etc, to be the selves who tap us on the shoulder.  They are really part of the same one thing – US.

The Prism of Lyra – An exploration of Human Galactic Heritage – Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest

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