From silence comes wisdom


The Flamboyant Hero


As peace comes from stillness,

wisdom comes from silence and

fulfillment from accomplishing our individual part of the plan

for the greater good of all.  


The building of our individual Rainbow Bridge of consciousness, or Antahkarana,  may take eons to accomplish;   But with its accomplishment, the path from initiate to disciple is established and the importance of serving to build the Antahkarana of Humanity lights our minds.

One of the weariest lessons that the server has to learn, is to never look for gratitude, recognition or reward for what we are doing – we must learn to serve with impersonality.  Instead of payment and recognition for services rendered we must be prepared to receive ingratitude, dismissal, mockery or even direct opposition from friends and family, but none of this deters our motivation for long.. With our feet planted firmly on the path of truth and right relationships we find that we are guided, sustained and encouraged…… It does not really matter then of the apparent results or whether there is criticism or lack of understanding as long as our own Soul is satisfied…. We become sustained by a deeper confidence and exert more and more dexterity balancing the intensity of our inner fire with the freshness of serenity….so keep a

Cool head and a big Heart

Om shanti


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