February New Moon 2021


New Moon in Capricorn

Thursday 11th February 2021 at 8.08pm (GMT)


Regenerate, absorb and restore

The New Moon for February 2021 is dominated by the energies of Earth and Fire.  Just look at the host of planets in Capricorn in the fifth House.. Our innate desire to express our authentic self in a creative, passionate and even playful manner could lead to expertise, recognition, or even a vocation; if we discipline ourselves and the use of our time wisely.  Mars and Uranus, in Aries, in the eighth House give us the necessary fire; the incentive and determination to commune with the deeper aspects of ourselves.  The trine of Mars to Pluto indicates that we are simply ready for intense change and transformation, and openly accept the necessary elimination of any deep emotional attachments.  Hence, as we prepare ourselves for this months new beginnings, the lifting of the veils that mask our consciousness will seem quite natural and wanted.

This divine alchemy can have profound effects not just on our mental and emotional states, but very tangible, physical changes to our bodies.  The energy of earth and fire will shed light on any difficulties on our path and dissolve them, once we have become conscious of them.  This will level out our individual and collective paths  making it easier to assume our role as a master of self.

Happy am I, Healthy am I, Holy am I

There are still 10 days left to the end of our 40 day Kriya…  A meditation to open the 4th, 5th and 6th Chakras.  Many of you may have already sensed a soft warmth, subtle movements, a change of heart, of vision, of communion with ourselves and others.  Keep the Jupiter (Index) and Saturn(middle) fingers strong; forget your arms, feel the Presence  of your life force as you Breathe .  Immerse yourself in the exercise, go deeper and deeper – you will find a whole universe inside of you.  Become the divine Alchemist…

It is time to be of service to others.  When we give,  we receive.

Try This…

Varuna Mudra – The God of Water

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