Meditation to open 4th, 5th and 6th Chakras.


Balance Red and White Blood cells

and to open 4th, 5th and 6th Chakras


Sitting in easy pose with a straight spine bring the hands into Christ Mudra.  With both hands extend the Jupiter (Index) and Saturn (middle) fingers, curl in the other two fingers and lock them into the palms with the thumb.  Raise the right hand up as if you are making an oath, bring the active fingers of the left hand to the chest and touch the heart centre.  Make the out-stretched fingers as strong as possible create a strong electromagnetic field.

With the eyes closed breathe slowly and meditatively.  Follow the breath from the nose to the third eye point as you inhale and then down into the heart where the fingers touch the chest as you exhale.  You must feel the breath, this is mediative breathing (not pranayama).  Gradually the 4th, 5th and 6th chakras will become more apparent and open to your consciousness.

Practice for 11 minutes

To end your practice inhale and exhale deeply three times.

The distribution of the white and red blood cells is the most difficult to control, this area defends our total health.  Times are already tough, but unless the human takes responsibility for his/her own health times will become tougher.


BE Happy, BE Healthy, Be Holy

With practice let the elbows relax by the sides of the of the body, the electromagnetic field is created by the Jupiter and Saturn fingers.  To begin with you might find the extension of the fingers uncomfortable. DAC9738C-AA81-4D66-A943-B79E9AF56729_1_201_aFor older hands, especially with the onset of arthritis, that the fingers go into cramp.  Be patience, persevere… perfection takes practice.

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