How to know God – Deepak Chopra


The Soul’s Journey into the Mystery of Mysteries

Masking the soul

Our attitudes hold deeper spinal beliefs, and when we see through them, beliefs can be changed.  Read through and take note of the adjectives of the character traits that seem to fit.  You will quickly notice that you oscillate from one mask to another.  When we notice our fall-back emotion and honour it as part of ourselves we can choose to let it go and vibrate at a higher frequency – our consciousness has simply expanded.

A fall-back emotion is a copping response. It arises when you can not resolve inner tension or a crisis.  It also reflects a sense of connection or separation from God. Take a look…..

Mask: atheist, cynic, or failed seeker
Attitude: Doubt, resistance, ironical detachment, in the habit of mistrust. Fall-back emotion is anxiety.
Belief: God cannot be proved: if he exists he has no power over the material world:  I am alone, my fear of emptiness is my chief reason to keep seeking.

Mask: Leader, achiever, or skeptic
Attitude: Certainty, confidence, self-reliance, in the habit of demanding rational explanations.  Fall-back emotion is anger or obstinacy.
Belief: I am in control of my life, not God;  If he demands surrender I will ignore him; secretly I believe that my own power is greater than his.

Mask:  thinker or dreamer
Attitude:  Reflective, conciliatory, calm, in the habit of assessing situations emotionally.  Fall-back emotion is depression or resignation.
Belief:  God hints at his presence inside me;  I will get the message once I stop falling into confusion;  God favours inward-looking action more than outward action.

Mask:  idealist or liberator.
Attitude:  Self-aware, nonjudgmental, willing to be an iconoclast or to defy normal expectations.  Fall-back emotion is detachment.
Belief:  God doesn’t think I am wrong or sinful;  I can only accept him to the degree I accept myself;  forgiveness is real.

Mask:  artist, adventurer, or explorer.
Attitude:  Playful, emotionally resilient, eager to try anything new, tendency to be highly sensitive.  Fall-back emotion is fantasy (self-absorption).
Belief:  God has made a recreational universe;  I am safe following my creative impulses;  I am approved of by God.

Mask: prophet or redeemer.
Attitude: Humble, deeply forgiving and accepting of others, awed by mystery, able to see to the depth of any person or situation.  Fall-back emotion is love.
Belief:  There are no miracles until you see that all of life is a miracle; God works through me, my greatest joy is service to him.

Mask: no mask.
Attitude:  Immersion in bliss, wisdom, and peace, with no personal attitudes – the viewpoint is universal.  Fall back emotion is compassion.
Belief:  No personal beliefs; every action and word comes directly from the divine source; a certainty that being human is a blessed state.

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