The Waxing Moon


From New Moon to Full Moon

Regenerating, replenishing and restorative

We now embark on a two week journey which is known as the Waxing Moon, every action taken to build up the body and nourish it is heightened during this time, our bodies readily absorb all we do to fortify it.

The waxing moon is a time of planning, gathering strength, rest and recovery.  The closer to the Full Moon the greater the effect of this force.  It is not a time of fasting (except for the day of the New Moon).  Although it is always wise to detox before a restorative cure is undertaken.  During this time minerals and vitamins are readily absorbed, especially iron, magnesium and calcium.

Gradually become aware of how your body feels, starting with the days of the New Moon and later when it is Full.  Those of you meditating will be used to observing your thoughts and energy flow through your mind and body. Use these observations to align with correct action and soon you will flow with the rhythm of the Heavens without any effort.

During the waxing Moon it’s best to slow down and gather strength.


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