Varuna – The God of Water



Bend the little finger of your right hand until the tip touches the ball of your right thumb; place the thumb of the right hand over it.  Encircle your left hand around the right hand lightly from below and press the little finger and thumb together with the thumb of the left hand.  Extend the Jupiter, Saturn and Mars fingers.  The Mercy finger is under your thumb, positive ego.  We are controlling the mind, taking responsibility.  This is a strong Mudra, it takes time to harmonise these strong forces, keep the fingers strong. Breath deeply.

Time – 45 Mins


I always’s have possibilities letting go of something searching for a solution and changing things.

This Mudra helps with mucus congestion.  Mucus congestion, no matter where it occurs in the body ( frontal sinuses, lungs, the entire digestive tract from the stomach to the large intestines) is always related to overstimulated nerves, inner tensions and unrest; triggered by – overstraining, being pressed for time, being aggravated, or experiencing fear.  People who suffer from mucus congestion are often too conscious of responsibility and tend to think that everything depends on them or that they must do everything alone.

Consider a new life-plan, including other people in it – consider your acts and services as gifts; slow down and enjoy them… Responsibility is wisdom and discernment .

Visualise that you are sitting under a small water fall, let the Luke warm water wash away all obligations and burdens.  Watch the water wash away every image or thought that sticks to you, your true thoughts will come to your cleansed mind.  Only then start to consider your tasks? Your work load? What you would like to change? Where can you seek help?  Then, let these thoughts go too; watch them flow way in the water and enjoy your new cleanliness – inner freedom and lightness.  Hold the vibration of an inner current, certain faith….

I trust my brothers, who are one with me

A Course in Miracles -Lesson 181

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