New Moon – August 2022


Moon in Leo

Sun in Leo

With the Moon and Sun precisely in the centre of the constellation of Leo, alongside Venus, this New Lunar cycle seems at first glance to be ALL about fire.  However, if we look at ALL the planetary conversations that will be going on in the Heavens Saturday morning, it is the Earth element that plays a hugely significant role this month.  

As the last lunar month  allowed us to use fire to burn through the veils that hid our self realisation, maybe in a some what destructive way; the result still being that we were made aware of our deepest inner source of strength. Creative fire, Light, Love.

This Lunar month is about anchoring that creative fire.  Mastering our talents, listening and being guided in our actions. Fire is certainly about honesty 

As Creative Fire is simply love in its highest elevated form, it can be used as we so chose, as long as we maintain our vibration.  Any perceived grievances must be instantaneously given to the light to transform into a miracle.  Once we have forgiven the world, miracles are our innate right as children of the universe  and we realise that there is nothing that can not be done, but only if we maintain light.

Bear this in mind you are travelling along a light wave, the universe loves you, it wants to bring your hearts desire, but something happens, someone does not behave as you would have liked and criticism, judgement, anger, frustration etc simply chuck us off of that wave…. bump, its hurts… but what we are being reminded time and time again, is that the miracle is always there. Fear simply gets in the way of the Love that would have brought a different experience. So get back up, know you are worthy and maybe if you are experiencing tidal waves of an influx of light… Give it away, let others be enveloped in it, now is not a time to be timid.

Be Free

Now Let’s see what the Earth is saying….

Venus in opposition to Saturn in Capricorn, with its emanations of legacy and persistent, patient perseverance helps to structure our relationship with the feminine. Internally these energies can be integrated  through evaluating our values with discernment and by….

Only valuing that which is Valuable

A Course in Miracles…

and in our outer relationships with  the qualities of mutuality, pleasure and reciprocity allowing a new vulnerability to emerge . 

This passed week there have been a series of oppositions, triangles and kites preparing us for a new Moon in opposition to Mars, whilst Mars sits in Harmony with Mercury, Mars and Pluto helping us to navigate our fears openly and communicate our messages with a gentle touch. And further integrate the  enormous potential for change with Uranus in Aries.  

This is a Moon to celebrate the sacred feminine, to honour her beauty, her endless generosity and her abundant creativity.  WE are a vehicle of this divine beauty, but this radiance has nothing to do with the destructive cultural stereotypes based on materiality and on what we wear and what we project.
It is the radiance that makes us feel beautiful on the inside, allowing all that we are to shine through you, and allowing us to be seen in the world. We are being asked to allow our inner beauty to become one with our physical self.

Dare to welcome the divine fire within ,

 simply  change the way you look at yourself

As we  are healing past wounds related to our appearance, our body or our sexuality. WE are finding the natural purity of our being and become ready to share it with others in a deeper and more open way; without shame or self-criticism.

So take your time and fall in love with who you are

This done, we no longer are a victim of other people’s projections, but will receive the love we need to heal that shame.

The heavens talk of a significant shift in our self-perception and it is taking place taking place deep within US.  Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter are in Pisces and literally orchestrating the healing that allows access to our spiritual gifts.  Opening us to a greater capacity to love.

As WE  embrace and accept ourselves more fully than we ever have before, simply because we have evolved,  our hearts radiate more and more divine fire. The nature of this Divine fire is love and collectively we are truly realising that we are ALL beautiful on the inside.  As we allow this awareness to grow we can easily embrace our uniqueness and accept that we are exquisite flowers in the celestial garden.

So review your projects and learn to  look at things from a different perspective. Could a different approach be more effective?
If you feel stuck, Just know that this situation is temporary, and take advantage of any additional time to review your strategies.
This is a time may to break with the dominant norms and ideas and to accept and assume our beliefs. Cherish our unique and eclectic attitudes. This is also a good time to be generous; offer time, attention and gifts to others. This time will be returned to you a hundredfold by the universe.  It may require patience, but you will discovering the power of yourself and many unusual solutions.

OM shanti


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