Awakening your vulnerability


Being vulnerable to your feelings


Being vulnerable to our feelings requires deep courage and a willingness to break through the protection that separates and isolates us from others and makes us fear them. This vulnerability takes us to the most secret corners of our soul.
During this exploration, we are given the opportunity to discover our most intimate, subtle, creative and surprising dimensions of self. This may require a greater understanding and compassion for ourselves and our life path, while overcoming the pain of rejection or abuse that may have prevented us from expressing our feelings.
While it is important to keep some people at a distance, there are others who are already in our lives or about to enter it, who can give us the space to explore the melody of our heart with gentleness, honesty and kindness.
If we refuse and continue to suppress our feelings the fatigue, numbness, frustration and coldness will eventually be overwhelming.
It is time to warm your heart and get more in touch with what is going on inside your body. What pain are you holding – in particular in your lungs, heart, throat and kidneys?


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