Sensual awakening


It is time to awaken our somewhat dormant psychic and spiritual faculties

These qualities that we have always possessed are ready to come to the surface and we can begin to use them by giving Trust to our intuition. 

The next time a visceral feeling arises, give it your full attention.  What is this thought or feeling trying to tell you?

Integrate this way of interrogation more often into your daily life…..  Because in the sacred temple of our body, our soul experiences, among the infinite possibilities, only some of life’s possibilities, made manifest for only for us. 

Sensuality is one of the most beautiful ways our soul expresses its appreciation, pleasure and joy.  Our sensuality is very similar to our creative energy.  Like a fairy tale hidden under a cloak of obsessive thoughts and reflections. WE are beginning called to fully experience your sensual nature.  We are sublime and alive, radiant and attractive. Let us allow our sensual appreciation of ourselves and others to flow freely, and enjoy this unique experience of being a soul awakening through the body!

It is also a wonderful form of love

Our sensual nature needs to play and does not need a lover to do so (although this is an extremely pleasurable way to play, of course!  It can be expressed freely through massage, art, time in nature, swimming, mindful dancing, the caressing feel of the sun or the aroma of your skin, aromatic tea or a good bath.

Allow yourself to do whatever makes you feel good and be gentle with yourself.  It will renew you and revive your energy … and then, admit it:

life is exquisite

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