Exercise to Feel the Jupiter energy


Index finger energy


Sit or lie down. Now encircle your right index finger with the four fingers of your left hand, letting the thumb extend into the middle of your right hand. Close your eyes.

Keep hold of your finger for a while, 3 to 5 minutes and feel the flowing warmth.  Observe where in your body this energy flows.  Observe which of your chakras is stimulated.

Then encircle your left finger with the right hand and hold it for the same length of time.

The planetary power of Jupiter is linked to the Index finger and the geometrical form of water, the icosahedron.  This finger includes both closeness and expansiveness.

The question is how much closeness can we stand?

Deep in the Index finger can be found the deep meridian of the spleen and pancreas  and starting point of the large intestine.  Water indicates the eternal change of things, accepting life with all it’s facets, working through, digesting and letting go again.

There is also a clear, purposeful look into the future in this finger.  That when we have learned to transcend our emotions we can literally walk on water.


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