New Moon – March 2021


New Moon in Pisces

Saturday March 13th 2021 at 10:23pm (GMT)


This New Lunar cycle and that of April will be imbued with the spiritual waters of the constellation of Pisces. Although there are no harsh aspects (except the continuing square of Uranus to Saturn  – ) working with Piscean energy is always challenging.  Seeking and finding peace through connecting to the ebb and flow of life is no easy feat.  The conjunction of the Sun and Moon with Neptune and Venus in Pisces will activate our receptive, intuitive and spiritually guided self.  With Neptune, the planetary ruler of Pisces completing its orbit of the Sun and returning full-circle, this New Moon and the next highlight our souls desire or what in Yoga we might call our sankalpa .. the deepest desire of our hearts and this sets the theme not only for this Lunar cycle and the next, but for the next twenty years as Neptune enters and transits its’ native sign..

This strong pull inwards to a more introverted self and a place of dreams and ideals can leave us feeling delusional and  escapist or hopeless and apathetic if we are not fully present and connected, as the ego will try to make sense of the uncertainty.  However, we are working with the deep subconscious or the collective unconscious and this is a time of providence as something bigger is unfolding, it is a time to surrender to what is out of our control and have confidence in the plan.

It is a time of supreme spiritual service, to be able to shine in darkness as long as necessary.  It is a time to listen and be guided – to connect to the « I » and oneness rather than the « me » of separation .  Balanced by the earth element of Virgo.. our health, diet and the importance of a daily practice need to be of the upmost importance if we are to remain grounded.  The energy from Pluto in sagittarius creates a beneficial sextile to this New Moon empowering our  transformation and assisting the purification our psyche .  I have added a Mudra that will aid your practise and help you to stay grounded as you « ligh’n-up’ .

With mercury in Aquarius it’s a time to trust our intuition and do things that are important to us on a soul level, to be creative artistically, musically and above all spiritually.  The conjunction to Venus, planet of relationships; to self and others and our values, may bring many changes to our circle of friends as we begin to reconnect with our spiritual family.  Please Remember

members of same family not always born under the same roof

 Listen, have discernment and enjoy the synchronicities that will guide you on your way Home.

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