It’s Time


It’s Time

It’s time
to make a stand.
To reach out
Every woman, child and man.
It’s time
to hear the Call
Have you got what it takes
You’ve got to feel it All.

Instant Angel
Child of Grace
Don’t be fooled by the human Race.
So much more
to be done
lets unite
each and everyone..
No more lies
No more war
No more tears
Where our leaders keep the score.

It’s time
just take a hand
create a circle
make a stand
No more hurry
No more haste
Don’t be fooled
it’s such a waste.

We have the right
just to be
to feel the earth
Always free
Raise your thoughts
Clear your mind
A new vibration
To heal mankind
A new start
A new way
One Nation of peace

What do YOU say?

By Gail Cooney

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