Love thy neighbour


The Key to Self-Realization

Christ said: Love your neighbour as yourself.  This commandment was not made for the sake of others, but for your own good.  Get busy reforming your personality – your EGO.  And do not concern yourself with the personality, the EGO of others.

You have your own business which is none of the business of others.  And others have their own business which is not your business.

The other, like you, has free.  And no one has the right to touch anyone’s free will.

That is why no one is allowed to impose his way of seeing, his doctrine, his teaching on others.

If you believe you have the Truth, live it and spread it.  Let him who does not want it leave it and let him who finds it good take it.


On the other hand, you must seek to recognise in others their individuality, the « I ».

When you are certain that your neighbour’s « I » is exactly the same, i.e. neither inferior nor superior to your « I » and that of all men, you will have respect and not fear of other individualities.

Then, loving with your « I » and the « I » of your neighbour, you will truly fulfil the word of Christ and love your neighbour as yourself.

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