February Full Moon Kriya


Pranayama for Purification

Naadi Cleansing

Practice on an empty stomach or after a very light meal only

Sit in Sukasana (easy pose) with the spine straight and the chin in.  Use your right hand to alternate the breath through the left and right nostrils.  The tip of the thumb can block the right nostril and either the Jupiter (Index) or the Mercury (little) can block the left nostril.  Do Not press too hard, apply enough pressure to thoroughly, but gently close the nostril.

Ratio: 1:4:2 – Inhale for a count of 1, hold for four times as long and exhale for half of the time of retention.  Mentally time the Kriya  with counting, visualising numbers or using the heart beat.

Mentally reciting a mantra can create and maintain rhythm, such as Saa, Taa, Naa, Maa or for those of you with a bit more stamina Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung.  Keep the mind focused on infinity. Therefore the inhalation is the recitation of the Mantra once, the retention is 4 repetitions and the exhalation 2 repetitions.  Just continue to repeat the Mantra at the same speed.  Notice that there is no retention without air.

Inhale through the left nostril (Ida) for one count – Hold the breath for 4 counts – Exhale through the right (Pingala) nostril for two counts.


Inhale through the right nostril (Pingala) for one count – Hold the breath for 4 counts – Exhale through the left (Ida) nostril for two counts.

Continue this breath pattern for 15 to 62 minutes. Build up slowly – start with a few rounds.  This cleansing rhythm balances the Ida and Pingala or the negative/positive polarities bringing us into a place of Integration. Literally burning the Karma of many lifetimes.

This is known as Anuloma Viloma or alternate nostril breathing.  If you are healthy you will breathe predominately through the left nostril for about 2 hours and then through the right for 2 hours.  In most people today this natural rhythm is disturbed.  Restoring a rhythmic and equal flow balances the flow of Prana in the body.  This is essential if you are to succeed in bring Prana up the shushuma consciously.

Its worth observing this phenomena by simply – chose a day when you are relativity « free » of external demands and observe and note on the turn of each hour which nostril is dominant.. some of us have a nostril which is totally dominant… then practise the Kriya below and enjoy its effects.

Purifying the psyche

Sit on your left heel with your right leg stretched straight out in front.  (your left heel will press on the perineum in between the sitting bones, with the sex organs infront and the anus behind). Stretch your right arm up and make a tight fist.  Breathe deeply through the right nostril only.  Mentally vibrate Sat on the inhalation and Nam on the exhalation.  Continue for 3 Minutes.  Then switch arms, legs and nostrils and continue for another 3 minutes.

This Kriya increases nerve energy in the entire body and stimulates the lymphatic system to clean itself.  It eliminates negativity and purifies the psyche, thereby quelling the urge to slander others or yourself!

You will have to control which nostril is working without the aid of your fingers.  it is possible.. when the right nostril is working the right arm is up…vice versa for the left side.  Keeping the arm actively stretching upwards at all times, with a tight fist, this will help to guide the breath through the correct nostril.

As an alternative


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