March 3/4 Moon


The Waning Moon in Ophiuchus

Saturday 6th March 2021 at 2.32 am (GMT)


With the Moon in the constellation of the healed healer we are provided with the necessary energy for the transmutation that will enable us to be revived, renewed and regenerated.  However, the Moon is square to the Sun in Aquarius and  square to Neptune, at home in Pisces.  Although these air and water elements naturally favour our healing and subsequent spiritual growth, these two squares indicate the need for innovative ideas if we are to feel connected with the web of all life.  When the energy of Ophiuchus is over-emphasised we tend to be purely instinctual or overly identified with our minds, destructive or even sadistic, and certainly enslaved to the material.  When under-emphasised there is a tendency to be guilt-ridden and fearful, tempestuous, desirous or we can simply feel empty.  The planetary ruler of Ophiuchus is Mars, which is currently transiting Taurus.  So one week into our Kriya to cleanse the psyche ૐ, let us use our will power to gain this much needed physical redemption and evoke social change by considering the esoteric function of our hearts.

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