Healing your own Heart


The Key to consciousness


Just take a moment to consider this vital organ.. slightly to the left in the upper region of our torso this muscle acts as a pump, exercising its vital function of controlling blood circulation.  From the soothing « Lub » « Dub »  of the valves opening and closing when we are at rest, to the pounding « boom » « boom » when we exert ourselves during physical activity, it rhythmically beats on and on…  But our hearts are also responsible for our consciousness, the integrity of our minds and all subsequent factors; memory, sleep, meditation, the ability to be cheerful, the quality of our dreams and our ability to exert courage.. When perceived it can be used as a metronome during pranayama and meditation and it is certainly influenced by many psychological factors, whether we are conscious of them or not… The energetic centre or Anahata chakra associated with the heart can be found at a deeper and more subtle level of awareness, inline with the spinal column.  A teacher of mine once told me that an emotionally « broken heart » (or a closed Anahata Chakra) could be fixed with 3 hours of meditation, but that it was a bit like sprinting a marathon!  So here is an exercise to strengthen the heart which is a bit more like a walk in the park…

From a seated, standing or supine position…..simply bring your hands into Pronam Mudra (prayer pose) with the thumbs touching the centre of the chest.. Inhale deeply.  Exhale and create the sound HAAAAAAAAA,  gradually allow the hands and the arms to open, as if you were going to hug a huge Oak tree.  Inhale and bring the palms back to centre. Repeat 9 times.

Recording 5/3/2021- Thank you for your hearts and voices

Concentrate on the sound vibrations that reverberate through the chest.  First, very physically, throughout the entire thoracic region including the heart and then, with practise,  being able to sense the Anahata chakra.  Be careful not to open the mouth too wide, keep the sound internalised, change the note and the pitch.  Eventually you will find a note that fills you with joy.. this is the beginning of freedom.  If you find the difficult to pronounce simply create the sound AHHHHHHHHH instead… The heart is linked to the air element, allow the exercise to up lift you….  On completion simply visualise your heart smiling and affirm.

I completely love and accept myself – I love you heart..

It might just be wiser for todays teachers to consider the effects of education – not just on our children’s minds, but on their hearts and to fully understand the importance of joy in the classroom.  A wiser humanity might begin to see how this organ can be used as a barometer to feel untruths and when properly toned a guide to exert the inner courage (taken from the French word for heart – Coeur) to create social change… so courage to all you Yogic Mummies who have decided to put your children first.  


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