Symbols of Love


Saint Valentines



Associating courtly love with that of the pairing of birds in early spring,  couples all around the world have been declaring their romantic love for each other on the feast of Saint Valentine.  Whether you are part of a courting couple, or not; think its a pile of commercial rubbish; lavish your partner or offer a single rose or a simple kiss… today is a day when the subject of love is in the air.

God, being Love, is also happiness

A course in Miracles – Lesson 103

This lesson centres on the fact that happiness is an attribute of love, that it can not be apart from it and that happiness can not be experienced where love is not.  Love simply has no limits. .  

Our desire to seek and find the source of this happiness, or a deeper sense of peace comes through connecting to the ebb and flow of life.  The lunar month of  February,  heavily dominated by the earth element  now has the Moon moving through the spiritual water sign of Pisces, highlighting our mindful, intuitive, empathic and trusting self.  The astrological symbol for pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions connected by a single point.  Finding the centre of our consciousness is the spiritual Journey of Yoga  ૐ.

Our current Kriya  is drawing our attention to our higher centres of consciousness and the concept of unconditional love.  Today, with Mars (the ruler of our solar plexus) in the spiritual 12th House where its presence can be weak, let us use the fire of Aries, to warm the Earth element and bring us closer to the centre self or source of Love that we all share.

Rudra Mudra

The greek word for fish is Ichthys and early Christians used the symbol as a way of recognising one another; the lower curved half of the fish would be drawn in the sand and if the upper half was drawn by the other person, they knew it was safe to talk of their shared belief. … I share this symbol today as a way of reminding us that we are on a journey to crucify the cosmos; to use our resolute self will to stay centred and be only Love and to see Love everywhere.A78AFF51-27A2-4C7C-AD99-A0EC342B3EBD_4_5005_c


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