Rudra Mudra – Ruler of the solar plexus


Centring in the Manipura Chakra

Rudra Mudra

Imagine that you are sitting a the centre of a wheel, close to the hub, the wheel can turn as fast and as much as it wants, but this has no effect on the centre.  However, if we leave the centre and sit on the spokes or on the edge we must use all our strength to avoid being spun off!  


When we are not centred, we are « beside » ourselves, this creates all types of tensions whether it be in our back, neck, shoulders, pelvis, chest, stomach or heart.  Place both hands in Rudra Mudra by placing the tips of the thumb, index and ring fingers together, extending the major and little fingers in a relaxed manner.  Hold for five minutes.  Repeat from 3 to 6 times a day.  Remember that the middle finger, symbolising the Saturn force, is the most karmic or most conditioned of energies. This finger is only used in those Mudras that require heavy stabilising forces, or the use of the Earth element. 

Little and often is the best way to decondition the mind.

 When the Earth element is out of balance a person feels listless, heavy, weighed down or even dizzy.   Rudra Mudra strengthens the Earth element and its related organs,  it can also be used to aid heart complaints, the descent of interior organs or general stress.


I rest at my centre and draw strength and joy from my centre.


In your mind, see a white canvas in front of you.  With a black pen or charcoal pencil, draw a wagon wheel – the outer rim, the inner rim, the connecting spokes and a square hub.  At the very centre there is a yellow circle; Inhale and see the yellow point becoming larger, closer and brighter, let it shine.  Exhale and see it return to the hub.  Keep the mind focused on the center.

Note:- This is a brilliant exercise for children and a great tool in the teaching of concentration.  Get them to go through the steps practically;  practicing drawing a circle, placing another within it, evenly placing the spokes and the square hub, the yellow center.  Practise will make perfect and the geometric forms will develop in their subconscious.  

Then go outdoors and look around in nature, or show images.  Let them close their eyes and meditate on the importance of this central force.  Above all make it fun!  



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