May Full Moon 2020


Full Moon in Libra

Thursday 7th May at 10.45 am

May’s Full Moon is also known as the Dyad Moon as the effects of the Sun and the Moon are of equal strength. The Earth, having passed its equinoctial point back in March, tilts its Northern latitudes increasingly towards towards the Sun and at present the Fiery energies of Aries.  Aries is the constellation of self awareness, independence and assertiveness and is linked directly to our physical bodies and the physical energy at our disposal.  Libra is the constellation of balance and harmony, fairness and co-operativeness.  If Aries is about the individual, Libra is about one-on-one relationships and mutuality and justice.

If you started the Kriya that I suggested at the end of March, balancing Prana and Apana and completed it congratulations 🙂 you will have the required understanding of Udyana. If not give this exercise a go and see where you are at. .

Udyaan governs projection. Its’ home is the throat or Vishuddha Chakra, which is governed by the planet Mercury.   ૐ

Prana goes out (apana) and comes in (Prana) for union with Udyana.  When the forces are balanced you will understand depth and rhythm, your bodily movements become graceful and sensual an your words convey creative power.

This Flower Moon can be see in all its glory at dusk to the east and travels through the southern sky and the spring triangle; Regulus in Leo, Spica and her blue light from Virgo and the bold orange hue of Arcturus in Bootes.. The Moon is like a mirror, receiving energies from planets, stars and constellations and reflecting them down to us on Earth.  Meditating on her wisdom what came to mind was the responsibility we have..

 The right to be a Human being

That unless we are self-reliant and able to understand the responsibility of free will we can be manipulated and controlled by our fears and the desires of others.  When we are able to give complete dependence to the inner-self we make the correct choice and the clear and powerful radiance that then emanates from us can lighten up the way for others and and we are respected for your choices.

For the next Forty Day I suggest that you practice a set of Yoga exercises that will render you self sufficient .

This is My choice..

What is yours?


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