Kriya for self reliance


Master Yourself

Sit with a straight spine and stretch the legs out in front.  Stretch the arms forward and parallel to the floor.  Inhale and suspend the breath as you lean backwards 60° and lift the legs as high as possible.  Hold the breath for as long as you can before you release and lower the legs with the exhalation.

fullsizeoutput_2344Bend forward in Paschimottanasana, pull firmly on the toes and breath normally.  11 minutes.
Take several deep breaths and then repeat the first part of the exercise 4 times; holding the breath for as long as possible and bringing the legs as high as you can each time.



Kneel in Rock pose, sit on the heels and place the palms flat on the thighs.  Use the Mantra Sat Naam.  Whisper powerfully the sound Sat whilst flexing the spine forward and Naam while flexing the spine backward. Mimic a snake.  Continue at a medium pace for 8 minutes.  Inhale and exhale deeply four times and relax.

fullsizeoutput_2347Sit straight with the palms together and thumbs crossed.  Press the hands firmly together to put pressure at the chests centre.  Bring the entire weight of the upper body into the hands and concentrate the mental energy at the root of the nose (sinus).  Meditate for 10 Minutes.



Sit straight and move the waist from side to side  in a regular Rhythm.  3 Minutes.

Sit in Sukhasana (easy pose), hold the ankles with both hand and begin a rapid spine flex.  Concentrate on the forward motion, so that it puts a slight pressure on the sex organs.  3 minutes.  Relax the body completely.

Sit erect with the hands in gjana Mudra palms faced down.  Concentrate at the root of the nose. Turn the head to look over the right shoulder chanting Sat Naam.  Turn the head to look over the left shoulder chanting Whaa-hay-Guroo. Hold a steady rhythm        11 Minutes.

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