Balancing Life


prana- apana

In order to be a balanced person prana and apana need to be balanced.  The incoming life force needs to be balanced by the out going force of elimination.  Our supreme being will only awaken in us when these two forces are balanced.  Ones gives power and the other releases negativity – eliminates.. If we do not go to the toilet regularly we become bloated and uncomfortable, if we do not spring clean our home becomes dingy with surplus dirt and if we keep all our processions our house becomes full or cluttered.. If we do not breathe right, eventually we will become sick…

To test your Prana:apana balance in yourself

Position yourself on all fours (hands and knees) and then lift your left arm out straight and at the same time lift your right leg out straight. Stay like this for 30 seconds. Then change sides.  If you can not balance your body in this position.. it means that your apana or eliminating force is not in balance, it’s weaker.1aa98040-9491-4774-9f20-4383a6d5dae1

Even if Prana is perfect, when apana is not working, you do not act right.  It does not matter how intelligent you are.  The blocks in pranic energy are most obvious, but apana is very subtle.. If you really want to test yourself close your eyes.

Its the balance of Prana and apana which creates the power of the shushuma, the central force, the equilibrium of being.




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