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Here is France as Yogic Mothers (parents) we are faced with a choice… Do we send our children back to School to sit isolated on a chair all day long, behind a mask?  Or do we keep them at home with us?  We always have choice.. Until September all my children were home schooled or more liberally Free schooled.. We enter into a world cycle where the solutions that we need for a Harmonised future will not come from the knowledge gained by a classical education.  The new solutions will come from the ability to use intuition, to think outside the box our outside the limits of mass consciousness.

Discipline in any walk of life has to be admired and appreciated because it is a type of strength, not a punishment.. remember that we teach by our actions.  My children and I practice Yoga and meditation daily.  If I have not written more before now it is because I wished to respect their childhood their intimacy.  Now my thee eldest children are 16 and with their permission and a lot more time at my disposal I am happy to share my experiences and wisdom and to encourage and support all of those Mothers that a inclined to make the same choice.

Be who you are and say what you feel,
because those who mind don’t matter
and those who matter don’t mind

Dr Seuss


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