April Full Moon 2020


Full Moon in Virgo

Wednesday 8th April à 2.35 am (BST)


The April Hare Moon represents the energy of burgeoning spring and can be seen just to the left of Spica, in the hand of the maiden in the constellation of Virgo.  This earth sign inspires self improvement and is ruled by the planet Mercury.  The synergising and assimilating qualities of this planet are emanated from Pisces where we also find the Sun.  This suggests channelising our life force into interactive learning, to help ourselves and others find peace and connect to the ebb and flow of life.

No wonder half the planet is connected to Zoom…

The Mars / Uranus conjunction which has been strong over the past days will create a square, giving us the power to take action … any frustration or desires to break free will subside making the confinement to our homes easier to accept.. I hope the kriya that I shared have helped, but please remember any emotion only has a neuro – chemical effect of 90 seconds.. this is a chance to remember  to take one big conscious breath  and see how the emotion you are feeling is being played out.. physically or mentally… However much we like to put our well being on external circumstances the truth of the matter is that we project our experiences from within.

Everything is difficult before it becomes easy


With Venus and Mars in harmony a sense of balance  and equanimity will be available to help us with the energy of Jupiter now square to the moon and the sun..

I read this as on opportune moment to increase our awareness of the feminine qualities of patience, nurturing and creative intuition required to establish a new dynamic here on earth.  By letting go of the desire to control we can all make way for this transition for Woman and Gentleman alike.

In the Yoga strictures this is the natural movement of our universe from Bramacharaya to Tantra. ૐ.  The decline of the male ought not to be seen as a battle of the sexes it is a natural evolution of these polarities that exist in us all.

The Moon does sit however in the hand of the Maiden suggesting it is time for us women to act in accordance with the divine feminine and lead the way through this time of transition.

Om Shiva Om Shakti

Namah shiva Namah shakti

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