Learn how to Breathe


Conscious Breathing

Breath is life and life is breath

Without one there is not the other

We have to take care of our breath because it sustains our life.  Nobody else is responsible for this.  We are not taught to take care of our breathing, we are led to believe that it is automatic.  We as humans have a tendency to worry about many things, but rarely on what gives us life and that is breath.  If you swim, you are already practicing a form of pranayama, the rhythmical breath strokes are actually very good for creating muscle tone and we are very conscious, the movements are synchronised and a beautiful swimmer glides through the water.

Take a conscious breath: take it long and deep, as long as you can, pause and let it out slowly. Pause and draw the air back in through the nose slowly follow the air along the nasal passage and continue to inhale as you visualise the breath going all the way down your spine, right to the base, pause exhale the breath and follow the spine all the way back up… try and feel every vertebrae.

This is mechanical breathing and your mind stops automatically when you are breathing like this.  Your mind can not go anywhere.  If you really do it well after a few days you will be shocked to find that the mind will not disobey you for any reason.

In Yoga always breath consciously.  31 minutes of mechanical breathing can give one better health, it can give you strength beyond understanding, it can give you answers for every question.

As an evolving humanity we must learn how to enjoy the breath, it will develop intuition.  Only conscious breathing pranayama gives consciousness and the conscious knowledge of life.

If you can command the breath of life and breathe consciously, you can command your life and the environment will relate to you as you wish.

That which is attractive is our radiant subtle body.. It is a shining armour, for protection and attraction.  Its strength depends on how deeply you consume Prana and how many time during the day you try to breathe absolutely mechanically.

Use the metronome to count the length of your inhalation and exhalation.. Go as long and deeps you can.  A few minutes everyday will boost your inner strength.  Enjoy.


Breath is our everything , but we do not meditate on that.  Meditate on the collective unconscious, meditate on the Infinite, Meditate on God.

 Truth can be passed on but nobody can breath for you.

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