When you can not go outside


Take the time

To go inside



As I write this post this morning I am looking out on a beautiful star lit sky, the birds has are now singing calling me to walk on the beach.  Another spring day is upon us and another day of confinement.  Please remember that I write these posts as a British women living the current world “Virus” situation in rural Brittany France.  The biggest fear here does not seem to be the virus, but the police, the fines that are given if you break one of the numerous rules and that it is self regulated by the population as a form of solidarity.  What I notice is how culturalisation can really effect the capacity to transcend and be aware of the greatest Union of all.  

On this day of the New Moon I would encourage a day of meditation and reflection and maybe to get off line for a few hours (or more) today and breathe  People have been singing the praises of technology, how its keeping us all connected, I myself write a blog !!  But what if the over use of this technology is the very thing that is stopping you from realising your full potential? Or has technology opened up a consciousness pattern of belief; that we are all connected and now mankind is ready to adapt to the fact –

that there is no such thing as individual thoughts???

So my dear friend in Switzerland sends me a what’s app… am I dreaming or did I see your feet dancing in the sand????.

Over the next few days I will strive to make a private post for each of you that come to class.

I will also put up a Kriya that I advise you to start and continue for the next 40 days . 

When you first have the experience of the light of consciousness and the peace of inner silence then you will realise that collectively we are projecting this experience.  And that the solution lies within us all.

Each event in our lives is a new opportunity to experiment with the power of love.

There is a joy to find in each tear.  With confidence, guidance is there to help us through every situation.

Its time for us and our dearest to recreate the links

Remember to look people in the eyes

Smile as there is nothing to fear

Everything is love

Try and you’ll see

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