March New Moon 2020


New Moon in Pisces

Tuesday 24th March at 9.28 am


Yet again another New Moon in Pisces.  With many of the astral bodies visible in the nights sky, this really is a time of revelation of vision.  As we find ourselves restricted in our external environments, what better time to go deep within. With a bit of grace we will see Jupiter Mars and Saturn rise just with the dawn chorus celebrating life.  By the exact hour of the New Moon ૐ these three planets sit virtually one on top of another all radiating the fiery wisdom of Sagittarius and create a perfect trine with Venus the opposite side of the sky in fiery Aries.

It’s simply time to manage our own self-will, to be responsible in our relations to self, one another and the environment.  As a shareholder of planet Earth  it’s up to each of us to act from our truest self.  Take a day tomorrow to meditate;  To breathe ;  To make an intention and help yourself to carry it through by starting a Kriya.

There is an exact science to Yoga, it takes the 40 day period to cleanse and recalibrate your nervous system and psyche so that this new level of awareness radiates out through your aura.  It’s Time to honour the responsibility that we project our life experiences from within both individually and collectively.  The power that lies with in our cellular structure can destroy or create… it’s time to Assume , to transcend  and Live at a whole new level of awareness.

Balancing the Heart and Mind into Infinity

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