Spring Equinox 2020


 Vernal Equinox

Friday March 20th at 3.50pm



The Earth now tilts neither towards or turns away from the Sun, which rises due east and sets due west and day and night are both twelve hours long.  The waning Moon   will rise in the earth sign of Capricorn for this years Vernal Equinox, with our Sun in the water sign of Pisces.  With Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in the adventurous fire sign of Sagittarius and many favourable sextiles, the Heavens invoke at time of perseverance, discipline and patience as we seek to find peace through connecting to the ebb and flow of life.  This spiritual growth is not always easy, it requires daily mindful action and vast amounts of trust in ourselves and others.  This whole year concerns liberating the human condition from stasis (Saturn square to Uranus ), and the rise of the feminine qualities of progressive intuitional creative thinking.  With Venus, planet of relationships, in the fire sign of Aries square to the Moon we are being asked to reflect on our individual responsibility and how we can make life better for every citizen on Earth.

Dare to care

I invite you to celebrate this time with a Kriya on Friday 20th March by chanting the Ardas Bhaee Mantra .  Please contact me for more information.

Please send me a recording or your chanting, a few minutes will suffice, so that I can add it to the site.

Together our prayers are stronger


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