The Waning Moon


From Full Moon to New Moon

During the fourteen day period from which the Moon travels from its fullest to the beginning of a new lunar cycle, there is a force at work on the body which supports certain preventative or curative measures.  This « withdrawing » force gradually strengthens, becoming more effective as it approaches the New Moon.

During this two week period our bodies capacity for detoxification is at its best.  As the Moon enters this waning phase our bodies are ready to release and detoxify, sweat out and breathe out. Our perspiration is simply more effective at carrying unwanted toxins out of the body; so this is a great time for saunas or a sweat lodge.  Or you may simply observe that your perspiration smells more during this time!  This same force also dries out or consolidates, inviting us to take action or set intensions – (giving up any addictive habit during this time, will simply be easier) and initiates the expenditure of energy; the outward flow of Prana from the body, known as Apana, readily moves upwards and outwards making us more active.

With the division of our medical practises into specialities our « age » is loosing touch with the whole picture.  So many illnesses, physical as well as mental imbalances and disorders are exclusively symptoms of poisoning or irradiation of the entire body.  Dare I say all medical practitioners – from dentists to orthopaedic specialists would serve better their patients if they included detoxifying measures.  Taking the responsibility of our own health leads us towards a greater sense freedom, making us « lighter » both physically and spiritually but also as a financial burden on social security.

The effect of the waning Moon is even evident in the Household: all cleaning, polishing, and washing is more effective and problem free.  Don’t take my word for it, try it and observe the difference.

Let us take the example of the car engine – not one of us would support the practise of adding new oil to the old.. or expect to remove rust with a car wash!!

Here are two well tried and tested exercises that can help you on the road to health and its subsequent happiness.  And a wonderful intension.

Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love…

ૐFull body detox

 ૐtongue cleansing

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