Dare to Care


Developing Your Human Kindness


Bandhu Dya Kriya

Bandhu means « brother or comrade », Dya means « kindness » and kriya means « action ».

Mudra:  Rest your elbows alongside your rib cage.  Place your hands in front of your chest, palms facing upward, with the two Mercury (little) fingers touching with the outside part of the base of the palms touching as well. fullsizeoutput_2212Keep the Sun (ring) fingers and the Jupiter fingers straight and the thumbs pulled back.  Touch the tips of the Saturn (middle) fingers so that they form a triangle.  The Mudra is held before the heart center in a comfortable, prayerful position, without touching the chest.

Sit in Sukhasana (Easy pose)  with your spine straight, chin in and chest lifted.  Place your hands in the Mudra.  Inhale through the nose in eight strokes (break the inhalation into eight equal segments with a slight pause separating each part so that there is a distinct beginning and end to each segment.  In other words, you are inhaling in eight separate « sniffs ».  Each stroke is about one « nose length ».  You can feel the breath travel the length of the nose from the nostril to the eyebrows.  Each count of a stroke is about one second, so the eight stroke inhalation takes about eight seconds).  Exhale completely and totally with a whistle through the puckered lips.  11 minutes.

You must have sufficient practice of this Kriya before you attempt to do it for more than eleven minutes.  After one week of practice you can add one minute and thereafter, each week you can add one more minute, up to a total time of 31 minutes.  Please be respectful of the power of this Kriya and the time required for your electromagnetic field to adjust.

This ancient Kriya is total energy.  The magnetic field is totally interlocked into the psyche of self.  The aura is rearranged and thus totally projected.  The breath, « Prana » is controlled by the rhythmic eight strokes and then projected out as sound.

It is a Kriya to be practiced in reverence, love and devotion.  Practice very calmly.  It will expand your consciousness in time and space and everyday life will become insignificant.  So please do not over do it and lose touch with your environment.  You were born for a purpose.

I share this Kriya in good faith of your spiritual purity.  I am always available if you wish for me to evaluate your practice.

Prana is related to the Praanpathi, the one which sustains life



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