Saturn square to Uranus


Therefore I fear nothing and no-one

As both of these outer planets are transpersonal in nature, their slow orbit of planet Earth influences the nature of mass consciousness rather than the individual.  The aspects that they form can linger in the Heavens for substantial periods of time, pulsing in intensity, giving time for the whole of humanity to integrate the lesson, consciously or not.  For those of us that enjoy living under unpolluted skies Uranus was visible on the 7th of March 2020, and early risers may have seen the spectacular grouping of Saturn, Mars and Jupiter (then all in Sagittarius) low in the south-eastern sky, just before sunrise.

Thus the influence of this square and its impact on humanity « coincided » with a world pandemic, the rather draconian measures put in place by people currently in economic power and basically a great change in the way in which most people live and work and our apparent freedom.

That is to say that we have all been influenced by this aspect in a very real way.

Uranus is the planet of revolutionary change , positioned in the constellation of Aries, it is the element of fire which helps us to develop self awareness and thus confidence can be gained as we learn to assert our Will in the world.  It is the planet which can liberate humanity from stasis, fills the psyche with inspiration, draws one closer to enlightenment and embodies equality and liberty.  Put concisely…

Its the acceptance of our own unique role in a greater plan for the benefit of all…

The fiery ray of Aries enable a balance psyche to be self aware, assertive, direct, daring active and independent.  Over-emphasised results in a desire to selfish or self-serving, an aggressive, combative or over bearing attitude and the words one chooses to express this are rash or reckless.  An under-emphasis of this fire creates a passive/agressive attitude, full of fear and apprehension a stance of victimhood is taken.

Hence my sharing the following Kriya for the first time back in April

Saturn is the planet of Time.  The ability to structure our lives by being responsible, hard working, disciplined, patient and persevering.  Saturn governs the constellation of Capricorn, and its current slow transit allows our psyche to  develop the qualities that enable us to build a legacy.    

Squares require action; creating an energy of challenge of unease the impression of feeling restricted or blocked.  In order to reconcile these aspects at odds with each other it is wise to Remember

With the current measures of « sanitation » in place…

the enormous amounts of fear that result from sensationalist television emissions both online and from official platforms…

the extra pressure of helping our children continue their studies and their activities……

the possible  anxiety of loss of income…

the belief in scarcity….

As humanity has forgotten its sovereignty, manipulated and manoeuvred to live at a pace which is in itself life threatening.  I encourage you at this time to be proactive  slow down and reconnect to yourself and Earth.

I joy, I am peace, I am love, I am light

The eternal flame of consciousness burns brightly within my heart, as it has since the day that I was born

Therefore I fear no-one and nothing


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