Saturn square to Uranus


Therefore I fear nothing and no-one

As both of these outer planets orbit slowly they effect the mass consciousness rather than the individual.  For those of us that enjoy living under unpolluted skies Uranus was visible on the 7th of March, but early risers may yet see the spectacular grouping of Saturn, Mars and Jupiter (all in Sagittarius) low in the south-eastern sky, just before sunrise in the last week of this month.  That being said it is still brilliant Venus, moving from Pisces into Aries and then Taurus that continues to dominate the western sky at dusk this month.  Squares require action, Venus is the planet of relationships and our relationship to our higher self.  We are being asked…  what can each of us do to create a better world.

With the current measures of isolation in place…

the enormous amounts of fear that result from sensationalist television emissions …

the extra pressure of helping our children continue their studies……

the anxiety of loss of income…

the belief in scarcity….

need I go on

Take a look at the name of the virus, Corona which in Spanish means crown.  As humanity has forgotten its sovereignty, manipulated and manoeuvred to live at a pace which is in itself life threatening.  I encourage you at this time to be proactive slow down and reconnect to yourself and Earth.

I joy, I am peace, I am love, I am light

The eternal flame of consciousness burn brightly within my heart as it has since the day that I was born

Therefore I fear no-one and nothing


and take a look at this…

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