Insights- November 2018




The Fourth Ray of Light penetrates our heart and the Anahata Chakra. This plexus has it’s roots between the 4° and 5° thoracic vertebrae and it is called the gateway of the winds.
Air is the element that binds to this plexus and its function is love, creating the inner state of compassion.

Love is where compassion prevails and kindness rules

This ray helps us to rise above earthly things and communicate honestly.  It helps with inspiration and hope, so that we can see life from above.
The air is the element of communication that helps us to express ourselves and encourages us to breathe properly so that we can inhale as much energy from the source as possible. 
The air brings a renewal of hope and opportunity, it helps unravel situations for the supreme good…and carries within it the light of the highest possibilities for the planet.
If we Dare to step back, STOP  and reflect, we will find strength in the Silence and a deeper capacity to Listen.
When we communicate with honesty and love, in a way that soothes everyone and promotes the positive outcome of events, this Honest communication will generate a white light in our aura, so that we will be trusted and respected.
It will help us get through the difficulties in life and helps us to find inspired and tactful words and to Assume our power with integrity.

When words are spoken with the lips alone they will not pass beyond the ears.
When we speak from the heart, our words will penetrate the hearts of others.

Exercise to communicate from Totality

Exercise to Identify your soul Qualities

Stop Mudra

Monthly Kriya 

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