Mudra – Stop


Mudra of appeasement – STOP

Hold this Mudra as often as possible, making sure you breathe deeply.
With each exhalation, push the fingers of both hands against each other, creating a force, mentally repeat – Stop.
With each inhalation, relax your fingers, repeat mentally – I dive deeper into the calm and vast emptiness. Use the interior of your forehead like a screen, count your IMG_4695exhalations 1 to 10.  Visualize the numbers in Gold or Blue  (stay  focused – you are the one who is in control).

Advice – hyperactivity is unpleasant, it will eat away at your nerves and weaken your immune system. When we are feeling overwhelmed we can no longer support the calm initially desired.  Take the time to STOP.

In your mind visualize that you are in the Arctic. Glaciers, of a sparkling white glow all around, the sea is a deep and still blue and the sun shines.  Observe how the animals of the ice live in perfect understanding, in calm and harmony – let yourself be amazed.


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