Monthly Kriya November 2018


Creating Trust and confidence

Friday 23rd November 8.30pm – 11.00pm

In harmony with the movement and melody of our heavens, we will work with the air and earth elements, to find the perfect balance between heaven and Earth.  In sustaining this balance we can anchor our visions in reality and realise our hopes and dreams.

Because You do not really need to seek truth, it will find you when you meet its conditions

Consequently this Kriya will be divide into short venus Kriyas (working in pairs) to help us create an innocence and pureness in our voices,  liberate our fears and false beliefs and communicate from a deeper level of self.  Hence we will use the following Mantra.

Humee Hum Brahm Hum

You can be sure to see a change in your voice as you learn to see the magnificence of your Being..

The suggested price is …25€
The venue… My studio in St.Pabu
Again I ask you to arrive a good 10 minutes in advance and please contact me in advance so that I am aware of your participation
In love and light
peace and joy
Om Shanti


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