November New Moon 2018


November New Moon in Libra 

Wednesday 7th November at 4.02 pm GMT

The New Moon of November sits along side the Sun in the Constellation of Libra.  This air sign is ruled by Venus the planet that connects us to who and what we value.  As the New Moon is a time of retreat and sincere reflection and Venus is retrograde (moving backwards) in the Earthy constellation of Virgo, the skies give us an opportune moment to conscientiously look at the mutuality in our relationships, to communicate honestly with hope and inspiration and see life from a higher perpective. 

Are your relationships fair, just, agreeable, impartial and harmonious? Not only your personnel relationships, but your relationship with the world at large, your business dealings, inter actions with institutions and even legal matters and stately affairs.

When we take the time to relax and detach we can change our perspective.  This is a time to communicate honestly and lovingly with ourselves; to observe the habits of dependancy, being overly agreeable or self depreciating which only gives our power away to others…. or are we being indecisive, passive and uninvolved which sucks the energy from others like a bottomless pit.

Mars sits in Capricorn and creates a harmonious aspect with Venus asking us to decide the next stage of our development.. What can we do to create connectedness, reciprocity and enjoyment that is desired deeply within us all?  And hence create material and interpersonal enjoyment.

With a little bit of Give and Take

We can Dream a dream for Mankind’s Sake

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