Communicating from Totality


Naad Meditation


Part 1

  • Sit in easy pose or any comfortable position as for Meditation.  Close the eyes.  Place the hands in Jnana Mudra.  Bring the hands in line with the shoulders, palms facing forward, wrists straight and elbows relaxed.
  • Move both hands forward at the same time about 30 – 40 cm, as if throwing darts.
  • With each movement chant Ha, the Mantra is spoken distinctly in monotone, like a dart of sound.
  • Continue for 5, 11, 22 or 31 mins.
  • To finish: inhale deeply and hold the breath, Relax.

Part 2 – with a partner (if you are alone use a mirror and talk to your self)

  • Immediately turn to a partner, look straight into each others eyes, and discuss the question:

How do I create trust and distrust in my relationships with my communication?

  • Continue for 3 mins.

Part 3

  • Immediately sit straight, interlace the fingers and place the hands on top of the head creating a mild pressure then twist smoothly side to side.  Inhale left, exhale right.
  • Continue for 3 mins.
  • To finish: Inhale to the center and hold the breath as you concentrate on the crown of the head. Relax.

This Meditation lets you merge into the feeling of totality or completeness.  When you speak from that feeling you create trust.  With trust you establish strong relationships.

The gift (sidhi) of this practice lets you have the sensitivity of the subtle roots and the impact of sound.  You learn the sound of things and the subtle sound of consciousness that allows all other sounds to be.

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