Full Moon – March 2022


Full Moon in Virgo

Friday 18th March 2022 at 3.17 pm

This months Full Moon is rich with the earth element of Virgo and its rays of improvement, thus by developing our skills and abilities we can have a positive influence on ourselves, others and our environment.  Known commonly as the seed Moon and so close to the spring equinox, these energies obviously bode well with regards to practising any Kriya.  But if you have been following and practising daily you will see that there is an obvious progression of the exercises that I have been sharing to help maintain the link of the consciousness to the subtle world.

– Meditation for spiritual stamina

– Pranayama for purification psyche 

If the heart is an accumulator and transmuter of energies there are obviously ideal conditions for arousing and attracting these energies. Thus we teach the heart to build to the rhythm of the future and adorn life with a constant and true magnificence. The path of life is surrounded by the signs of of Kali Yuga and the separation from truth.  As the golden light of the time of Satya Yuga will bring the two worlds of the subtle and material closer again, we, those that are blessed with vision, can wait with patience and pragmatism, as it is difficult for people to realise the harm of that which they do.

Freedom is valuable for the grading of a personality, for the individualisation of attracted energies.  But the world as we know it has the most perverted conception of what freedom is and life has become filled with the tyranny of socialism and an addictive slavery to the material world. Thus  a great percentage of people have succeeded in planning their existence exclusively out of a special combination of control and manipulation. Precisely the qualities that exclude cooperation and respect for  individual personality and the expression of creativity.

People dream of freedom but in what a dungeon they keep their hearts

Freedom affirms itself as an upliftment of consciousness, and cooperation is the adornment of a conscious psyche. Not compulsion, and less still competition, but an increase of the energies of the heart  will transmit the understanding of cooperation.

Co-operative work is clear to those who have understood the meaning of Spiritual Hierarchy, as we are guided and advised by our spiritual guides. Here on earth the ruling, governing or so called elite, simply damask their ignorance and malefic thoughts by their inhumane actions and an attempt to install a hierarchical system to survey, control and manipulate.

However, with consistant grace a teacher of freedom becomes the embodiment, and a manifestation of hierarchy.  So first let us walk the shortest path, together, gather our forces, and affirm ourselves in the understanding of the individualisation of personality.

As a rainbow is strengthened by the colour of all its rays

To contemporary humanity thought has been transformed into an inconsequential cerebral contraction,

since the human eye does not see the consequence of thought man sees only its non existence.

The hygiene of the heart and mind should be regarded as a necessary activity one should be

Happy, healthy and holy…

So let us use the Moon square to Pluto and Pluto square to the Sun to let the light we bring to reveal each grain of evil.  Evil, simply being all the was lived (inverse it spells devil), that was not created with love.

Let us see the hours we set by for meditation, our hours of communion, of prayer, as the casting aside of all evil, as we sit comfortably holding the light and shine.  Thus our health is simply the result of our past gratitude to the Hierarchy for their wisdom.

As all messages are meant first for ourselves, I have been diligently practising before I have shared each  kriya. The resulting health and well being defies the ageing process and reborn in light we are free to create a new and beautiful world, as we remember the words of Victor Hugo….

The Utopia of today is tomorrow’s reality

Om Shanti


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