Meditation for spiritual stamina

FrançaisMéditation pour l’endurance spirituelle

In reverence to our mental capacity and creativity


Sit in a comfortable meditation posture and interlock the fingers and raise the arms up over the head, with the palms facing down wards.  Allow the elbows to bend and lower the hands until they are about 10cm – 15cm over the crown of the head. The eyes remain 1/10th open.  Be sure to use long, deep complete breaths.  Inhale  and suspend the breath in, completely exhale and suspend the breath out. There are four phases to the breath, enjoy the pauses, it is the breath that will carry you through this meditation. Start with 11 minutes and gradually build up to 31 minutes.

True creativity comes from our spiritual self and this requires stamina, the spine must be straight and the hands held over the head at all times in order to cover the body’s magnetic field.  The hands act as a neutral polarity to the electromagnetism that this meditation builds.  For the first few minutes you are more than likely to experience nothing but misery and discomfort.  Persevere, go through the pain, your dominant arm will feel much tenser, but gradually you will enter a deep relaxation that you have never experienced before.  If you are honest with yourself in practicing this meditation, you can gain as much spiritual stamina as you like.

Fancy a challenge?

Sage Goraksha Pose

For most of us the above position, Gorakshasana requires an enormous effort. It is an extreme variation of Badha Konasana, or the butterfly stretching exercise.  This postion is also known as the ankle-knee pose or Janukulphasana, but it is commonly named after the sage Goraksha.  It is one of the more difficult meditative poses to perform.  But once you are able to divise the body at the naval it becomes a pearl in the ocean of consciousness!

Sit erect and raise the arms over the head close the ears, keep stretching upwards to lengthen and align the spine.  Place the soles of the feet together drawing them close towards the perineum, the knees are pressed totally against the floor.

In the beginning this ankle-knee posture must be practiced with care.  If performed with the wrong mental attitude, it can produce over stimulation of the sexual organs.  However, if correctly practiced it will be of great benefit to the male householder requiring treatment for impotency, as well as strengthening and activating the hormonal processes, it produces a slimming effect on the physical body and induces a global suppleness.  Strengthening the muscles of the thighs and pelvic region, it brings a sense of stability , removing restlessness and/or irritability and thus improves nervous disorders.

Mystically or spiritually, whether male or female exerting pressure on the perineum produces a sublimation of the sexual energies which are transmuted and lifted to the higher chakras.

Feel free to use a wall for support to begin with and place the feet slightly in front of the body so that the spine is kept straight.

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