Length of breath


Conscious breathing 

The average human being breathes at least 15 times a minute when at rest and in « good health », active or stressed this can rise upto  18 to 24.  However, to be genuinely healthy the breath needs to be long and deep and less than times each minute.

To breathe consciously is the source of life, however Humanity appears  to have lost the value of breath. Each negative thought and each negative action makes us breath three times faster than normal, one is literally wasting their breath and breath is a limited life force given to a individual which ought to be under their own control.

Conquer your rhythm of breath and you conquer your mental attire as well as your behaviour.  When you can do that you are perfect. You will not worry, you will be secure.  Your words will never be untrue if you are constant in breathing……Yogi Bhajan

Regulating the rate of breath by self control is known as conscious breathing.  We give length to the breath by slowing down how many breaths we take each minute, this can be done by slowing down the inhalation and or the exhalation and by adding pauses where the breath is suspended with the lungs full or empty.  This entire science is known as pranayama.

The breath rate must be comfortable to be effective in slowing the breath down permanently.  Slower breathing is the path to calmness, so breathe only as slowly as you can without straining.  Breathing fully in a relaxed manner, will bring improvements in health and inner peace.  Proceeding slowly and gradually, lengthening and deepening the breath with ease.

Conscious breathing rates

Deepak Chopra and his book « How to Know God » explains his seven ways with which people perceive and define God… However, I am going to describe eight, all related to the breath and all ready to be explored by the ardent practitioner in search of truth.


By breath we live, by breath we grow and by absence of breath we die.  So breath is the living God which visits the average person fifteen times a minute….  Is this the God we wish to know???


When we breath at a rate of eight  breaths a minute it influences the parasympathetic nervous system and one feels more relaxed. One gets relief from stress, mental awareness is sharpened and the bodies healing process are elevated.  When this breathing rate becomes a habit you are near God… there is a definite sense that there is more to life than meets the eye and one is not easily swayed by mass consciousness.

To be truthful and honest in life we need positive energy,  to have positive energy one must have creative power and to have creative power the lung capacity needs to be greater than 700cc.  If you fall short you are capable of lying, this is natural law and you are capable of being influenced by external forces.  It is a physical condition.  Anyone with a lung capacity greater than 700cc and a breathing rate of eight or less keeps steady and no one or no thing can dissuade them from the fundamental truth of life..

What ever your state of mind is, that is your breathing; if you can not control your breath you can not control your mind.  A person who breathes eight times a minute has self control, they can guide their destiny and they can carve their own way….

the difficulty is that we forget…..


But when we remember and lower the breath to seven you are saintly, productive and positive in mind and body and eventually one can start control the external as well as internal environments.


The longer the breath, the longer you will live, the healthier you will be and wealthier will be your experience of life (and although this does not exclude money one might be wise to remember the words of Bob Marley… People are Poor enough to believe that having money makes them rich!!)

If you breathe five times per minute you will have unlimited strength and you can never be poor.. fullstop!

Think about it, the normal person breathes 15 time a minute, when one is upset this can rise to fifteen or upto 25 very shallow breaths per minute.  So if someone is breathing fast and your rate is only five, it does not matter who they are, at five breaths a minute, consciously controlled and maintained you can move the psyche as you desire (providing that you balance it first)..


At a breath rate of four breaths per minute, one experiences positive shifts in mental function. One is simply more aware and there is visual clarity.  The Pineal and pituitary function is co-ordinated at an enhanced level to produce a meditative state.  When habitually one breathes at four breaths a minute life becomes more simple, the law of efficacy installs itself and one can walk the path with confidence, simplicity and acceptation that…..

I have the right to breath, I am an agent of God, I have the right to say Good things and for them to manifest.


Breathing at a rate of three times a minute (as a regular meditation) will change all of your mental worries and problems.  Life simply changes.. There are many breath ratios but simply inhaling for 7 seconds, holding for 7 seconds and exhaling for 7 seconds for a time of 31 minutes, daily, is the formula for longevity, tranquility, self balance and intuition.


One breath per minute optimismes the cooperation between the left and right brain hemispheres.  There is an experience of great calmness and openness to spiritual experience.  Intuition is highly developed, the whole brain simply works, especially the brain stem and the frontal lobes.

A person that than breathe one breath a minute for 31 minutes can control every cell of the body.  This is Akaal pranayama.  Kaal means time, death.  Akaal means deathlessness, it means God in infinity.

If we can see the mind as a pendulum, it can only be controlled when Akaal pranayama is mastered.  You will not dream, you will sleep like a baby , you can get up when you choose, your internal time clock will be just fine.

Try it…. Inhale 20 seconds, hold for 20 seconds and exhale for 20 seconds this is the path of Prana.  When the intuition opens full you will know everything you need to know, so there is no need to worry and you are simply a channel of truth. Meditating like this for 31 minutes will bring the glandular system under control, develop it as a habit and all your energy will flow perfectly, so therefore there is perfect health.

Whoever does one-minute breath for an hour and two minutes daily will have total control, the hypothalamus will automatically kick in and automatically slow your breath down as needed during daily activities..

Why we do not teach this in schools in hospitals in all institutions I do not know.  But now you know, practice, slow the breath down, dedicate time to meditation and see its effects on others.

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