Full Moon – December 2021


Full Moon in Taurus

Sunday 19 December 2021 04:37am


As the year draws to a close the most powerful aspect of todays chart and undoubtedly the most powerful influence over us this year, is the impact of Uranus square to Saturn .  These outer planets are transpersonal, thus their slow and nigh on imperceptible movements  prolong certain aspects which ebb and flow in intensity, helping humanity assimilate the information, learn and then act accordingly.

However as the solution and the problem always in the same place.  This last Full Moon of the year has the Moon tinged with the influences of both Taurus and Gemini, reflecting the light of the Sun on the Cusp of Ophiuchus and Sagittaire.  This brings all four elements into play.  So once again Taurus is reminding us of the value of Self reliance, resourcefulness and the support gained by working with the natural world.  Gemini is about communicating, dialog and learning from others.  Thus, as with all Full Moons, but especially with the Moon trine to Jupiter and Mars trine to Chiron, it can bring the burst of joy that opens new doors. Have faith. Rediscover your own innate wisdom. Expect miracles (changes in your perception) and seize the opportunities that are always available to a soul aligned with truth.

Breathe deeply. And practice one of these exercises  and I assure you that it is possible to see a different world from the one that is being projected at this moment.

Om shanti


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